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As a church we believe that values are extremely important.  
The church is a place of worship, word, work and witness; a place of decision, discipleship and destiny; a place of fun, fellowship, faith and family.

We see the church as a place where God dwells, where God inspires and empowers people, where the people are God-centred in what they say and do.

We see the church as a place of solid foundation, sure focus and strong faith.  It is a place where lives are built up, encouraged and challenged as they encounter the living God.

Our heart and passion for the church is that it will be a place of faith, hope and love; a place where lives are empowered for living; a place where the presence of God is.
As a church we have been actively involved in missions (reaching out to people with the Good News of Jesus) since the church was started.
We have had connections with churches and individuals in South-east Asia, Europe, Africa and North America.

Today, our connections are in Europe, Africa and South America.
Our desire is to encourage and support those working in the areas of leadership training, community involvement and church planting.
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Rock Community Church
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